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GlassCampus Torgau/Germany
Bringing German industry oriented education to you

we offer?

Online courses for international workforce in glass production or processing
Industry oriented learning in the style of the well-established German vocational training system
Highly educated and experienced lecturers by the business for the business
Progressive methodologies following the most recent approaches in online learning
Field-tested modules that apply to a great variety of different attendees and industry sectors

Glass production

Why should I enroll?

Convenient & Flexible

Take online courses on a schedule that fits your needs, and meet motivated learners who share your interests.

Save Money & Time

Our online program is an affordable option for professionals who can’t take off time to earn a traditional degree.

Grow Your Network

During the course, you'll get a good deal of chances to find common ground with new connections from all around the globe.

we are?

GlassCampus is an employee training institution for the glass industries in central Germany. It is located in the city Torgau, which is about two hours south of Berlin. Here, in this region, we find a long-standing history in glass production. 

As a joint network of manufacturing companies, a relevant university and a vocational school centre, as well as local and state politics, GlassCampus has provided high-quality, scientifically secured continuing adult education for German speaking participants to date. Our courses are now also available for international participants online.

Prior to esbalishing the adult education program, representatives of the German glass industry were consulted in order to assess the actual market needs. The results disclosed a continious need for training of rather low-skilled workers, as many companies are to hire employees who do not hold a relevant degree or training (apprenticeship).


GlassCampus is part of the vocational training school in Torgau

solid foundation

Portrait von Rektor Prof. Dr. Barbknecht (TU Freiberg)

Professor Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht

TU Bergakademie Freiberg

„TU Bergakademie Freiberg was founded in 1765 in order to drive transformation processes and future technologies. Still today, the university holds this claim: We educate natural scientists and engineers with vision and conscience who take the future into their own hands and help to positively shape the world.“

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (Logo)

Margit Müller

Vocational School Centre Torgau

„As the existing infrastructure at our vocational training school for apprenticed schooling in the field of glass has been notable across the industries in Central and Eastern Germany for years. Most companies send their apprentices to us in order for them to receive an adequate amount of theoredical backround knowledge.“

Berufsschulzentrum Torgau (Logo)
Portrait Landrat Nordsachsen: Kai Emanuel
District chief executive

Kai Emanuel

County of Nordsachsen

„Here in Torgau, with its almost 100 years tradition and experience in glass production, we find a perfectly suitable location from which we create high level and appealing adult education for all groups of professionals wihtin this specific industry sector. The county and state administration will help to sustain the offerings in the long run.

Landkreis Nordsachsen (Logo)

to contact

Mailing Adress
GlasCampus Torgau
c/o "BSZ Torgau"
Repitzer Weg 10
04860 Torgau
0049 - 1514 - 224 29 29
Video call

„Thank you for your interest in GlassCampus. We are happy to announce that our courses are now offered online. Please feel free to contact me for further information and counselling. I am looking forward to welcoming you in our courses.“

Sebastian Rudolf, Manager GlassCampus

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GlasCampus TorgauSo erreichen Sie uns
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